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Hi there!!

My name is Laura Michelle and I am the sole creator at SMB Toy Co.  I am excited to start this new blog and share with you a little about me and behind the scenes of my (in-home) toy factory.  I feel like I need a catch phrase....

In this blog, I would like to share who I am, where I get my inspiration, what motivates me, what doesn't, new designs, and some works in progress.  As well, I hope to share some tutorials and patterns along the way...keep a look out!! 

Who I am - I am a wife of 23 years, mother to 3, and the designer of all SMB Toy Co. toys and dolls.    

To list the three most important traits to my character that reflect in the products I make - 

1. Conservative - Being a family of five - my husband (who shall be named Mike) and I believe in living a subjectively simple/ conservative lifestyle (it wasn't always this way and we're still working on our simplifying game).  Each toy I create, is made with the intention of being an heirloom - one that will be passed down.  In fact, many of the toys we purchase for our own kiddos, my thoughts are the same "Is this something my grandbabies can play with it?".  I'll be sharing some of my favorite toy makers who produce heirloom quality, toys later this year.  

2. Perfectionist - to a flaw but only as it relates to projects and work.  It's better to step away from a difficult task and come back later with a fresh attitude (and after a fetal position ugly cry), than to finish it with lesser quality.  Quality in everything is a must; the only exception in my book, is with cooking - and for that I feel you're either born with the knack (or will to learn) or you're not - and I am not.  That could be filed with knowing one's limitations and embracing the imperfection.

3. Shhhhh - Quiet (not silent) time for me is dire.  Life is already chaotic and noisy - but a good noisy.  Why would I clutter the sounds of my kid's laughing, playing, and conversations with overly loud toys?  I confidently can say - maybe 95% of the toys we've purchased in the last 10 years have no sound at all.  The 5% would include our talking Woody and Buzz Lightyear (which are staples to the late 90's - 2000's kids) as well as light sabers (which are staples period).  If a toy enters the house that's obnoxiously loud - it somehow finds its way to the donation bin.  An admission of my serious hostility toward loud toys - I actively research the legal decibel allowance of toys - I was ecstatic to discover apps available to measure such levels.

So, as the saying goes...'that's it in a nutshell'. 

I'm so excited to connect with you and hear your stories, ideas, and questions.  

See you soon!!

Laura M.

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