Handcrafted Rainy Days Puppy Baby Doll with Pacifier - Limited

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Rainy Day Sock Puppy Baby Doll with Pacifier, Handcrafted Child's Sock Doll,

Limited Dolls - are dolls that have either a limited number available or they are one of a kind and will not be remade. 

~*~ Important ~*~
Producing top quality toys that will sustain years of love and play is my top priority. Sock Monkey Bizz dolls are designed to be more doll-like, much like the torso of other 18-inch style dolls. Due to the nature of working with socks, extra filling is needed to fill the doll's body, specifically the head, arms, legs, and tail. When less filling is used, the doll is thin, the filling will shift, and it will become lumpy over time. Therefore my dolls may have a firmer feel to them than other plush type toys and other sock monkey brands.

Included -
-Baby Sock Puppy Doll with Pacifier
-Cotton Overalls, Shoes,  and Neck Scarf

Due to the doll's eyes and other accessories, this toy is not suitable for babies or smaller children.  Recommended age - 8+

Baby Sock Puppy is made using one pair of Rockford Red Heel Socks and is stuffed using both Ultra and Premium Polyfil.  He measures 18" tall with a 3" docked tail.  His arms and knees have been needle sculpted to create dimples; legs have been sewn to form feet.  All clothing is removable. 

I usually ship within 1 business days of receiving cleared payment. Dolls ship USPS Priority with tracking.  If ordered with another "Made When Ordered" item, the later time period will be applied.

Sewn by machine and hand; all seams are double stitched.  All clothing is removable.  His legs have been sewn to create feet.

I usually ship within 1 business days of received order.  If ordered with another "Made when Ordered" item, the later time period will be used.  Dolls ship USPS Priority; tracking and insurance is applied.